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Out with the Old; In with the New - Ryan Has a New Ride!

Over a decade ago, our family bought a new car. (2012). It is still going strong with over 150,000 miles (Honda Accord). It was exciting, as any new car buyer knows (and it is a privilege to buy new, no doubt!). But Hubby Bill and I could not be more proud of Ryan when he learned the value of saving and leaned into a disciplined lifestyle to achieve his dream - buying a new car someday.

That someday has arrived.

Twenty-one years ago, I bought a Honda CRV in 2003! It has been on its last leg for over two years, and frankly, gingerly limping along. Thankfully, Ryan has been patient in driving it since he was 16, even pouring money into it for repairs (which did not make him happy) in the last five years or so. He's been emphatic that if the car needs another $1500 repair to replace something, he wanted to say Saranaya and buy something else. Who could blame him? It got to a point where we suggested he didn't drive it more than in a 50-mile radius of home - even with a AAA membership.

This past week, he traded the old CRV with 248,491 miles for a new CRV with 5 miles on the odometer. You can say we got our money's worth out of the 2003, not only in miles but all the memories associated with it during its heyday of vacations/travel/soccer mania and many trips back and forth from Duke University Hospital.

Ride on, Ryan!




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