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One More Bingo Story & Local Bingo Event in 2 Weeks

Yesterday, my quilt guild, the Southern Comforters of Bowie, Maryland, had our first Bingo since 2019. That pandemic surely got in the way of a lot of fun for many people! I blogged on how wonderful it was to be back and how festive the entire event was, including our wonderful guests and their enthusiasm.

While I was at the raffle basket table, a woman named Barbara came up to purchase tickets. She was friendly and happy to attend the event, revealing that she brought ten people to play for our guild’s 20 beautiful quilts. In fact, she mentioned that she is a quilter and is involved in a sewing group at her church that only makes quilts to raffle off with proceeds that benefit the feeding and education of the children of their sister parish, St. Elizabeth of Hungary, Perodin, Haiti.

If local and could not attend our SOCO (Southen Comforters) Bingo, Barbara Harmel eagerly told me Holy Family Catholic Church is hosting a Bingo to raise funds in two weeks on April 15, 2023. She asked our event coordinator, Wendy, and me if she could leave flyers on the bingo tables, at our raffle table, and at the front desk check-in.

All questions were answered with a “yes!”

I was so enamored with her enthusiasm for bringing almost a dozen people to our Bingo that Barbara proceeded to inform me that her church’s Bingo was designed like our Bingo (she’s been at every one of the SoCo Bingos we’ve hosted for the last ten years, sans pandemic); that I told her I would love to take a photo of her sewing friends once I got a break from the frenzy of people at the raffle basket table. I said I would also blog about her and her event!

That got another round of “yeses!”

A few minutes before the first game commenced, I quickly slipped over to Barbara’s gang of tables to gather her group for a photo. They were giddy with excitement as they oohed and ahhed over the 20 beautiful quilts that could be won in as many games that were about to start. Their hope is to have a good crowd similar to ours.

At the intermission, before everyone broke, Wendy, the event coordinator, asked Barbara up to the microphone to share with the crowd her upcoming event.

I hope there are more “yeses” to their Haiti Quilt Bingo.

Here's the info: Haiti Quilt Bingo; Saturday, April 15, 2023

20 Games (includes 4 specials) Every game wins a quilt

21st game is cover-all 50/50 for $10

Holy Family Catholic Church, 826 West Central Ave., Davidsonville, MD

Doors open at 5:00 PM

Games begin at 6:30 PM

Tickets - $25

Contact: Barbara.Harmel - 301.807.2100

To purchase online:

Barbara is in a white shirt with a red scarf holding the bingo cards.





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