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"Old" Meaningful Friendships

As we grow and change, so do our friends. But there are those old friends from your youth you never forget. There are also those lifelong friends you still treasure and always will. I'm lucky to have a great group of girlfriends (six of us) dating back to the second grade, junior high, and high school - and we still get together at least once a year. Sometimes we travel together, too. Out of our gang, I am the only one who lives out of state, so my time with them is less than those living in Ohio, who may grab dinner and lunches when time permits in their collective schedules.

We were lucky enough to have a get-together two weeks ago at Kata's house, including Debbie, Sue, and Robin (Sarah couldn't make it due to an Open House at her school that day). Reconnecting in real-time is refreshing and rewarding, and our bonds deepen ever so slightly once again. It's a magical experience, no doubt.

You know, we all have grown and changed, but the moment we start talking, the years melt away. That is the crux of over four decades of friendship, no matter who we are married to, kids or not, and all having different jobs/career paths. I probably treasure the times we can meet up more than they know due to living 375 miles away, even though a good phone conversation to catch up is also a good thing.

Do you agree that meeting old friends brings an unexplainable rejuvenation of your soul? It sure does mine!



photos: 1) L-R - me, Robin, Kata, Debbie, and Sue, 2) poolside, 3) Kata & me for drop-in Pickleball at her club.


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