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Oh, What a Week! Covid for the First Time!

I love my blog readers, and I'm sorry that I have posted as much as I wanted to this week, especially about Hawaii and the fun and serendipity times had there. But...I got Covid. Ugh!

This post is NOT the original post I spent over an hour crafting because I inadvertently deleted it. I guess I still have Covid-19 brain fog, though I thought that part of it was gone. So, what happened? I do not know. Let's say after world travel this past spring and two weeks in Hawaii, I contracted COVID-19 by testing positive on 9/19/23, over five days when I arrived home from paradise.

So, this post won't be as long and detailed as the original, but that's how it goes. I wanted to find out more about Covid with boots on the ground. What did people go through? I tried finding out through blog posts and googling, to no avail. Oh sure, I got info from the CDC and CVS, with their lists of symptoms and signing up for a flu shot, but I wanted to know what is actually happening to the people getting it now.

Since there was not much out there except a list of symptoms as mentioned above, helpful, but know everyone is different; this is what happened to me: I hope this helps someone looking for info too.

9/18/23 - Complaining a bit since I was so tired after not sleeping the night before. I got about 2 hours of sleep total and seemed a mess with little to no deep sleep, I still went ahead and refereed a high school girls' match in a 2-person system. I counted on my partner to call fouls, and time since I started to feel extreme fatigue set in during the game (again, thinking of that no-sleep night). I even rested my head on the bench at halftime, something I NEVER have done in 13+ years of refereeing. I figured I'd get home, shower, and then go straight to bed to catch up with much-needed slumber. I drove home with no problem, but that was it.

9/19/23 - I awoke still tired. I decided to test for COVID-19 because too many things were adding up. My throat hurt way more this morning. The test strip lit up with barely a drop into the cache with two blazing lines - "C" and "T" practically embroidered in the well. My biggest symptom besides a slight fever and very sore throat was relentless fatigue that lasted until today, 9/24/23. This was after a full slate of soccer games on 9/16 & 9/17 and three hours of pickleball on 9/17, too, with no symptoms. I did have a tickle in my throat for a minute during a refereed soccer match, but I chalked it up to getting back into the swing of running all over the field. Nothing else. The signs snuck up on me, and I had no idea that Covid was cooking in my body.

9/20/23—9/23/23 - horizontal position for over 15 hours a day. I couldn't sit up! I couldn't read! But if I wasn't sleeping, I watched Netflix and Amazon Prime but fell asleep anyway.

9/24/23 (TODAY) - Woke up after sleeping 14 straight hours. I felt so much better. I never napped. I read 1/2 of a book. Things are looking up. I even sewed a binding on a quilt I'm working on. I cannot remember any time recently I have dealt with relentless fatigue. That would be my biggest nemesis of this entire week.

There is hope I am improving. Ryan is OKAY so far. I'm reluctantly treating this Covid with 'respect.' Thankfully, I was fully vaccinated prior to this case. I guess this virus is part of our fall/winter repertoire of illnesses we will need to combat now and into the future. Nothing is good about it, and it can be downright scary depending on symptoms, and everyone is different, so there is that. Except for the fatigue, I'd have to say that I've had a mild to medium case thus far. My slight fever was a day, along with a headache for two days. I have very little phlegm, and my throat quit hurting after a couple of days.

I may still have to cancel activities in the next week. My plan is to take this one day at a time and retest soon.

Good night!


photo: unsplash - Markus Winkler

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