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Nothing Like Island Living

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

So what does Martha's Vinyard or Nantucket have on Kelleys Island, Ohio, except ex-presidents and movie stars? Well, I'll tell ya. They certainly don't have Coach Jodie Smith or the Kelleys Island Kids running Club! I'll bet my condo rental that is the case.

Hubby Bill and I have run with the same kids for a couple of years now whenever we get to the Island in June - right before race weekend (KI 5K &10K races have been held for the past 39 years on either the first or second weekend in June). It's a small group of (4) kids, but there is love and camaraderie between the kids and parents that sets this program apart. Coach Jodie spreads her incredible spirit and expertise in Track & Field and Cross-Country to give these kids athletic endeavors they may not have otherwise in the small school they all attend. There were a total of (8) students this year at the KI school, and 50% of them took advantage of the running program Jodie built.

This morning we met at the baseball field with Jodie, her assistant coach, Emily, and the four kids, all raring to go! The kids all ran at their own pace, with an adult running and encouraging them along the way - from 2 miles to 3.1 miles.

Running Club is one of our highlights of the trip! We can't wait to cheer for all the kids this weekend in whatever distance they plan to run - either the 5K or the 1-mile fun run.

The kids with Bill in orange, Emily in purple tank and Jodie in the blue tee shirt

My running bud, Caleb!




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