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Never Underestimate the Power of a Chocolate Chip Cookie...In Fabric!

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

My quilting pals and I are still in Daytona but won’t swing by the convention center on this last quilt show day. We are classed out, shopped out, and ready to move on to the next thing. For Susie and me, that means heading to Melbourne, Florida, for our last two days in Florida with Mary and her husband, Steve. For the other two gals, they will be heading back to Arizona first thing tomorrow morning.

We’ve all had a magical time. I am forever grateful that this trip went off in the first place. So I am giddy beyond measure (pun intended)!

Speaking of measures, it came in handy when deciding on various fabrics to purchase to enhance my stash—especially border fabrics for my T-shirt quilts. I don’t have the room in my suitcase for too much fabric or even notions, but I bought a few yards as you could imagine, and some notions (scissors anyone?), I love scissors! I’ll squeeze it all in as best as I can. Remember, not only am I a good car packer but a travel packer too.

My last purchase was at the very end of the day before heading back to the condo. I was in a booth with some lovely novelty fabrics (novelty fabrics are fun prints with food/dogs/cats/boats/cowabunga dudes/musical notes and a whole bunch more).

And there it was.

A bolt of chocolate chip cookie fabric nestled amongst the other novelty fabric positioned on the lowest rack.

The just-the-right melting of the chips in the cookies on the fabric made it scream out for me to buy it. I did not buy it at first, and I tried to resist the temptation. I walked out of the booth to find my gang to head back home. When I saw them, I casually mentioned the CCC fabric. In unison, they said, “you need to buy it!” They know me well.

One of my pals said she would buy some too and that she’d go back into the main hall for our last purchase together. Now I had an ally, so it was a bit easier to decide to buy the 2 yards I did.

I know well enough that I would be thinking about it for the next few days, beating myself up on why I didn’t buy it in the first place. Sew, I’m glad I did. (I know I could probably buy it online, but it is not the same as touching it in person to make the purchase).

Once home at the condo, I had one last actual CCC left to eat. I made a hot cup of tea to go with it. But before I could sit back and enjoy it, I couldn’t resist showing off the newly purchased fabric by setting up the scene with the whole shebang!

It’s the little things. It's Manufacturing Sunshine in the Sunshine state with fabric, a cup of hot tea, and a chocolate chip cookie!




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