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My Why of Travel

My nose is still in a book I had in my backpack since we left on my/our epic trip at the end of June. I’m muscling through The Best Travel Writing by Tim Cahill from the 2012 edition.

Great stories.

I wanted to read about travel while I was traveling too. Kinda make sense, yes?

I like to think about travel's why because it is not always “the wind blowing through my hair.”

Sometimes the journey is to seek awe (okay, lots of times for seeking awe). Sometimes it is to visit a sick loved one. More often than not, it is to experience something different in sight, sounds, culture, or cuisine.

My experience of travel has taught me one gigantic thing: it is that people are good. Everyone wants the best for their family and loved ones regardless of language, culture, or economic status.

The following quote by American Short Story writer and novelist Cynthia Ozick stopped me in my tracks: “Through metaphor, we strangers imagine into the familiar hearts of strangers.” So basic. So true. So poignant.

I can say I’ve never met a stranger. I believe there is something in me so deep that I instinctively know the heart of others (or I tell myself that that leads to a self-fulfilling prophecy).

You can bet that I’ll never give up hope on humanity!

Where is your next journey? Hey, a trip to the grocery store still counts!



Corn - Nebraska City, Nebraska July 2022

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