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My Scissors Are No Edward Scissorhands...

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

I love scissors! Who doesn't love a pair of razor-sharp scissors? I almost love scissors more than my fleet of irons. For a quilter, they play a huge role in our toolbox. No one in my home is allowed to use them, and frankly, touch, ANY of my shears except for the pair with the green handles.

My scissors come in all shapes and sizes, pinking shears included. Several serve different functions. When I think about all the scissors either at my sewing table, or travel kit or the ones near my long arm machine, the movie and character, Edward Scissorhands, comes to mind.

Do you remember Tim Burton's 1990 flick starring the illustrious Johnny Depp? It was a wild movie with the lead Edward S. not uttering more than 150 words for the entire movie even though he had to manage long sharp pointy scissors as his hands! He couldn't touch others without hurting them. Only his eyes cast his emotions like a dog, which was actually based on the screenwriter Carolyn Thompson's dog, Ariel. And this is where the similarities end.

As quilters, we prefer our scissors sharp like an excellent math student. Let me add, I have plenty of snips and shears. I do not need any extra. However, while at the recent Daytona Quilt Show, I kept passing the AQS booth selling all kinds of quilty goodies, including several bags of varying Karen K. Buckley scissors with varying price points. I marched triumphantly by them for the first two days. I kept telling myself I did NOT need them once again. By the third day, I heard them screaming my name.

I relented.

I bought the biggest selling baggie they had on a large table— six pairs of scissors. Then one brand spanking rotary cutter for giggle and grins.

Snip, cut, nip. Repeat.




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