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Memory Quilts

Memory quilts, or treasure keepsakes, can be an heirloom to last generations. I create T-shirt quilts for various occasions, including graduations, birthdays, and holidays. But the special ones I am honored and privileged to create are those from people who have passed on and whose families would like a legacy piece made in fabric.

Over the last several months, I've created several of them. A client who picked hers up yesterday almost burst into tears as her husband had passed away suddenly at age 49, and the memories flooded back as we revealed the quilt.

I also get choked up.

Two memory quilts were going to the sons of the men who passed away. Both ladies were happy to give their husband's T-shirts/Hawaiian shirts and other clothing a new leash and something tangible to retain many memories. I am thrilled to be a part of the grieving process and beyond.

Sometimes I think the recipients of the memory quilts even get a whiff of their loved ones through the shirts/clothing (and they are washed!). Our brains are powerful enough to construct something like that.

It is always a great honor for me to work on these quilts because I care so much about the people who come to me to help preserve that one tangible item that is so meaningful.

I am grateful!




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