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Meeting Seth Godin!

You read it here first. This a declaration by hubby Bill that I’ll never have to “buy” him another gift for any holiday, including his Birthday and Christmas.

Do you know why?

Because we had an IRL quick meet-up this morning with the one and only Seth Godin - he is a rock star marketer and daily blogger for over 20 years, plus he is the author of 18 books is why! More importantly, and according to his bio, he has been trying to turn on lights, inspire people and teach them how to level up.

Yep, Bill said this was one of the best gifts ever! I agree! Driving back from Upper State New York early today, we had the chance of a last-minute (planned last night) whistle-stop. “Welcoming” us to town were (5) blasts from the loud horn of the Volunteer Fire Department in Hastings-On-Hudson, which got a chuckle out of the three of us and an explanation from Seth.

We are grateful that we had the chance to chat with the inspirational Seth. He is gracious, humble, and kind! Bill and I feel that Seth’s inspiration has contributed to profound changes in our lives in the last few years, especially with our daily writing and the generous community of writers now known as WIC (Writing in Community), who collaborated with our visionary fearless leader, Kristin Hatcher in 2020.

Seth certainly Manufactured a bunch of Sunshine for us today!



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