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Meaningful Words: All Clear

This week on the calendar were bookended appointments with two of Ryan's doctors—Monday with his cardiologist and Friday with his Maxillofacial surgeon. My blog on Monday mentioned that the appointment went reasonably well, and his heart is in "good status" after the EKG. We are thrilled with the news, and Ryan has more pep in his step after a good-faith doc visit; frankly, we all do.

Rounding out the week with today's appointment brings a bit more trepidation due to continued follow-up care after Ryan's February 2022 tongue surgery. The appointments will spread out more during the next year is the hope and direction we want to go, but a close eye every couple of months is what is best for now.

After the intern (who just finished dental school and has four years ahead of him in his surgical rotation) checked us in and examined Ryan (a first good report from him), attending Dr. Lubek entered the small exam room a few minutes later (Dr. Ord retired on June 1st!). Never fear! We also know Dr. Lubek, an excellent surgeon and practitioner in his own right, meticulously crafted Ryan's flap on his tongue in 2016 (some may remember the 12-hour surgery was split between Dr. Ord and Dr. Lubek).

Within several minutes of poking around in Ryan's mouth with Dr. Lubek and the intern looking in, Dr. Lubek put his dental utensils down and remarked those now famous words in our orbit: All Clear.

Ryan and I floated out of the office and down the city streets of Baltimore to the parking garage. Hubby Bill was on the call via mobile phone during our appointment, so we all were aware of the good news today in real time!

We celebrated today with dinner (takeout) from our local Chinese Restaurant!

And those two little words: All-Clear never gets old for us.



Photo credit: Unsplash Caroline LM


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