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It's September - Childhood Cancer Awareness Month!

Good morning everyone! A sunny day here in the Mid-Atlantic to kick off a significant month in the calendar - celebrating kids with cancer and their warrior families!

Nothing is ever easy about getting that awful diagnosis that your child has cancer. Still, there are many ways to move through the system by aligning with the doctors and getting involved in communities that care.

Last year I had so much for doing the one-minute videos that I am back for the second year. I learned so much about videoing etc., but haven't yet figured out how to splice and dice all the bloopers, which I want to post—eventually. What I did figure out was how to tape, upload and post Zoom chats once the time comes.

As I said in yesterday's blog post, I plan to mix things up a bit - one minute at a time! It goes by lightning fast!

I hope you tune in. If something is confusing, or you have a tip or trick to #helpothers get through childhood, teen, or adult cancers, please email me:

Since I'm going "gold" for September, I'm looking for those gold(en) nuggets that could help, inspire or inform anyone going through a difficult life challenge.




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