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Individual Words of Art by New WIC Authors

Many of you have read my former blog QuiltsFromTheHeart, or perhaps follow me on other social media channels, and learned that finishing and publishing my book, The Focused Fight, would not have been possible without WIC (Writing in Community 1). Hubby Bill and I signed up for in June of 2020 and never looked back.

The more we write and engage with the WIC, the more we know EVERYONE has a story to share. We've been fortunate to meet a worldwide cohort to try on our words, paragraphs, or chapters. If interested, please check out the website above. WIC5 starts in September. Plenty of time to think about signing up. They are also running a special until August 11th for the six-month session for $195! It's a bargain, no doubt! I don't think there is a college class that gives more than this group does for $195, bar none.

Since we are at the end of another cohort of Writing in Community, I would like to celebrate five of the following authors who published their Individual Words of Art, AKA, books in this cycle:

Win Treese is still writing a non-fiction treatise. But along the way, he published a wonderful book on poetry. "In the Cloud: Poems for a Technological Age" was written for still-curious programmers.

Kathy Karn Photography is on safari in Kenya to personally share her published photo book "Wisdom of Elephants" with the local guides who helped her photo scope find these powerful photos of elephants. Kathy is also an award-winning photographer and conservationist of all things elephants. I have her gorgeous book and it's FANTASTIC!

As you can see from just the five authors above, the genres are all over the board. From poetry to photography to empathy and a great war between the lion-hearted.

Writing in Community is a strong group of committed people from all over the world that spurs each other, and lifts our fellow writers when they are in a slump (it happens).

My heart is full and grateful for their support, and now I am proud to see these Words of Art in the world!



Stack of books I read last year - 2021.



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