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How Are Your Weeds, I Mean Gardens, Growing?

There are so many weeds in my flower beds I can't take it. They are increasing better than anything else though they are not a high enough priority for me to yank them all out right now. Usually, I can get an hour to fill a barrel of weeds on the weekend, but I can't keep up with the madness of the marauding offenders.

If the weeds were lovely wildflowers, I wouldn't be so concerned. The ugly suckers that crowd out the good guys are what gets my hackles up. Maybe all the rain this summer is helping all the unwanted growth. I have a hydrangea plant in the front yard that has never grown larger since I bought it and planted it. It hardly spits out a flowering head, though some years there are a couple. When I looked at it this afternoon, I was confounded with only one flowering head, with the entire bush encapsulated with weeds. Ugh! No other hydrangeas are blooming around here because they typically bloom in June! What the heck is wrong with mine except for the weeds surrounding the poor thing?

Building an hour this week to do some weeding has to be a priority - even 30 minutes - plus another spiky unwieldy plant must also be trimmed down. It's even a bit meditative, which I love, once I'm out there. It's good for the soul too.




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