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How About a Rally for Hope and Kindness?

Don't we all need some hope and kindness about now? I sure do. I love hearing stories of inspiration that include all kinds of hope, kindness, and good stuff that brings a smile to our faces. There were too many cringe-worthy moments this week, amiright?

This Saturday at 11:00 am EST, I will be sharing some of the above with five other inspirational people on Andrea Sanchez's WORTHY - Online Rally for Hope and Kindness. Here are the details from Andrea's LinkedIn page:

" All we can be certain of is this moment at this time. Don’t wait to tell someone how much you appreciate them. Don’t wait to say I love you. Don’t wait to give yourself a break from that hectic schedule. Don’t wait to simply go outside and appreciate the beauty of nature that exists around you. Don’t wait to tell your story. We are alive today for a reason. Don’t wait to understand the reason. Be the reason.

So many times we wait for the perfect moment, that ideal time. The ideal time is now. Other than the present moment, no other moment is guaranteed.

Join me this Saturday, May 28 at 10 a.m. CDT (11:00 am ET) for the 24th monthly WORTHY: Rally for Hope & Kindness as 6 AMAZING humans embrace the present moment to tell their stories of courage, perseverance, defying the odds and/or simply owning their truth. Our goal is always to inspire and empower others to step into the power of who they are."




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