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Harried Hot Water Heater

Did you ever think that appliances, including hot water heaters, wane as the years go by? Oh sure, they work, but maybe not to their full potential. The waning of the _________ (fill in the blank) is so incremental at times that we forget how it's really supposed to work. We ran the hot water for (5) minutes in the kitchen before it got warm....and then a little hot. I/we thought that's how it goes, not questioning the advanced age of our system until recently.

When our HWH went out for the second time in less than a month, we knew it was on borrowed time. We never thought we would need one the day I called (last Friday), but we went for it instead of coming home to a rancher (no basement) with a foot of water. There is nothing sexy about a new HW Tank, but that is what home ownership is all about, right?

Since the installation, we've noticed that hot HOT water comes out of the tap in the kitchen in less than 45 seconds. For a shower, it's hot almost instantaneously, and I barely have to turn the nozzle, for the stream of lovely hot water rushes out of the showerhead. Ahhh, it's that noticeable.

They say that HWH (hot water heaters) last about 10-12 years. Ours lasted 15 years, and I talked to some friends today that said theirs lasted 20+ years! That's incredible, but I probably won't risk waiting that long to replace it.

I'm going to keep my fingers crossed this new one will do its job faithfully with hot water running out of our home's faucets when needed.



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