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Happy Thanksgiving 2022

It's a great day to celebrate! No church or gifts are required, which makes it a perfect holiday!

Do you have a favorite Thanksgiving?

As a kid, we had T-giving at our tiny home or traveled 10 miles to my Aunt Mary’s in East Cleveland, Ohio. She was the consummate first-generation Polish cook, along with her sister, Lottie (my dad’s two sisters). They were a fearsome twosome when it came to cooking and baking. Delicious food or bakery was always spilling out of their ovens, with hungry patrons ready for any feast on any day of the week, let alone a holiday. The two sisters cooked mostly at Aunt Mary's - she had two fully stocked kitchens upstairs and downstairs. Frankly, it was always a joy walking into Aunt Mary's home because the smells were out of this world, no matter the day or holiday.

But it was the rye bread and butter I loved so much that Aunt Mary had set down with every meal. My Uncle Mikey and I would “fight” over the ends of the loaf, also known as the heels. We would spread soft butter on several slices, then sit back and eat them slowly, ensuring our teeth sink down through the butter and into the dense, strong, sour, but earthy taste. I miss those days!

So, instead, I go straight to buying (or Ryan buys) sourdough bread with a similar taste (no seeds, though). Spreading Irish butter on a few slices to drink with my tea is simply the best! I don’t do it often, so a day like today is the perfect way to celebrate my little tradition.

What's your tradition? Please share with me!

Gobble Gobble!




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