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Happy New Year (Write a Letter to Yourself Today!) And...DiscoDog is One Year Old!

I hope everyone had a great evening ushering in the New Year! If you watched the Ohio State/Georgia college football game, wasn't that a treat (no matter the winner—Georgia—but a gg ((great game))!!)? Maybe folks toggled back and forth with the Ryan Seacrest Rockin' Eve show when the ball dropped in Times Square - it happened while the last play was going on between the Buckeyes and Dawgs, ahem.

Today though, Our Granddog, Disco pup, is one! We celebrated this big day by taking her to a pet store to select new toys and the local dog park in Crofton, MD, to run around, chase, play with other dogs and fetch a plethora of tennis balls (she is also learning how to catch a frisbee). She is one active and adorable puppy dog who loves EVERYONE - human or canine, plus brings abundant energy to everyone she meets. She is one lucky dog to have Olivia and Bo as her leaders/parents!

My photo montage below is Disco and her people from March 2022 to today!

But one last thing. Most of you know I write every single day with my Writing in Community group, and I'm always inspired by what I read from other authors and learn something new quite often, if not daily. Today, my friend, Kymberly Dakin, posted something she read either today or this past week about writing a letter to ourselves TODAY as the year unfolds. It was so good I decided to post the nugget.

From Kym's daily today:

I came across this insightful idea in Fast Co magazine - Write a letter to yourself on New Year's Day - Include the following:

** What are the fears you plan to tackle, those things you believe are holding you back?* ** What are adventures you will embrace in the year to come?* ** How will you connect or reconnect with others in your life?* ** How will you plan to grow?* ** What can you do to serve others?*

I like those questions, and I hope you do too. The idea is to write the letter now and check in with it every month or so. And then be kind, compassionate, and celebratory once you see how far you have come…

Before posting this blog post, I just finished my letter to myself (not using bullet points, but you could!). Will you join me in writing one to yourself today? I'll be interested in checking out my writing as the 52 weeks unfold, and maybe you would be too.

bSoleille (and Happy Birthday to Disco!)



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