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Happy 30th Birthday to Olivia!

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

…and just like that (snap fingers) 30 years went by in a flash…my baby girl is 30 years old/young. I can’t believe it! Like Harry Chapin says in his song lyrics, Circle, the years keep rolling by. Yes, Olivia Grace Tomoff has entered a new decade. She is fit, articulate, humble, kind, and smart as a whip, all in an understated way. I love that kid to the moon and back, twice (or perhaps 30 times!)

Cheers to her and those who love her!

I am one proud Mama bear today in celebration of O's milestone birthday. Olivia, may you have an outstanding year ushering in a new decade of health and happiness.

Sto Lat! (in Polish it means: may you live to 100 years.)

Won't' you join me in wishing Olivia a very Happy Birthday? Thank you!!



Olivia, you chased a little soccer ball then, and continue to chase little and big dreams today!

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