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Fun in the Sun

We are on vacation and we start early and go all day long: running, walking, biking, museum-going (Charles Herndon Gallery), eating, and visiting with family and friends hailing (rentals/state park) from all over the island. It is truly a happy place to be.

It certainly helps when the skies are blue and the sun is brilliant. Today was one of those pre-summer days that don't want to quit. Luckily, in Ohio, it takes a while for the day to quit with the sunset being 9:00 pm tonight.

Even though it seems like we are running around and doing lots of stuff, we are really slowing down and contemplating how grateful we are to enjoy these precious days. The sobering question posed by someone Hubby Bill follows on LinkedIn (Deborah Crowe) asked this: "how many summers do you think you have left?"

When you take a hard look at it with open eyes, and heart, everything seems to crystallize. I'll still take it one day at a time, vacation or not, and squeeze the most out of every day.

My photo montage below sums up the beauty all around us - in sunsets, family, and friends.



PHOTOS below: Kimberly & Jerry Kocan, Running Club on KI, Tomoff's at the Caddyshack, Olivia, Bo & Disco at sunset and "a girl with her puppy."


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