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Hubby Bill likes to surprise me with a bunch of flowers every now and again. About five years ago, in a QuiltsfromtheHeart blog post, I reported at the beginning of that particular year that having fresh flowers lifted my spirits and that I would make it my mission to have them all year long. Except for being out of town or on vacation, I've held to that promise.

Fast forward to 2022/2023, Bill is keen on getting the flowers for me (really, the household), and I noticed that he pays more attention to them now and how long they last with each bunch purchased. In fact, he likes to take photos of when they bloom out and the riot of color he now sees and appreciates.

Flowers are instant mood lifters and, frankly, a bit of manufacturing sunshine on cold and cloudy winter days.

Picking up a bunch (even the $4.00 bunch) can bring joy when it's least expected. It's the next best thing besides flowers from the garden(s). Are you ready for an instant mood-shifter? One rose can do the trick!

We've had the ones below for over a week, and they are still going quite strong!




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