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Feb End & Meeting of the Minds!

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

Not only is it the end of the second month of 2022, but the end of a fantastic Florida trip with fabulous fiber artist friends. We deepened friendships, inspired each other, and oohed and ahhed at the beautiful AQS Quilts, as well as the plethora of vendors selling their wares at the convention center in Daytona Beach, Florida. After the show, we headed south to spend the last two days in Melbourne, FL, with Mary and Steven Nielsen. A huge shout of THANKS for their hospitality!

The R&R was just the salve I needed after the past two harrowing months with Ryan's new health challenge. I don't take these respites for granted, and frankly, thrilled that it all worked out as originally planned months ago.

Besides the show, classes, and camaraderie shared with my quilting buddies, my walks on the beaches of Daytona and Melbourne were the icing on the cake to a great week. While marching my way down the sandy beach, I am always amazed at how the shorebirds meet up for their big meetings each morning. In fact, I couldn't resist taking some photos and videos of their antics.

If interested and can relate to the cute birds as I was, I've included two 36 second videos below I'm calling "The Meeting of the Minds:

A Melbourne Beach Morning!



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