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Everyone Has a Story to Tell

Why not leap and share a story or two using the Discourse platform in the WIC5 (Writing in Community 5)? I couldn't, or wouldn't, have published my first book, The Focused Fight, without the magic and connection of this community!

Honestly, for every session about to begin, I write something in this space. The next one starts on September 14th, 2022. Over the summer, there is plenty of time to ponder if this is the write/right time for you to share what's been in your heart and soul for decades. Maybe your words will help others. You never know.

WIC is a worldwide cohort! I've got friends from around the globe - several I've met IRL! On certain days, we write together or read aloud through zoom rooms.

We all learn from each other every step of the way - there are no teachers, only others on the same journey in writing a book/newsletter/blog post. Every genre is covered as well.

I know in my heart I am writing along with some NYT best sellers of the future! Maybe you can be one of them too.




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