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Engagement Party - Taylor & Nate

Hubby Bill and I had a great four days in Ohio via Front Royal, Virginia (a visit to Special Love's Camp Fantastic was on Wednesday morning). We showered some Birthday' love' for Ryan at camp and then 'engagement love' for Taylor and Nate last night in Hinckley, Ohio.

Between those two events, I was able to visit with my high school friends in Cleveland and go thrifting with my two sisters, Kim & Annette, while Bill got some work in and visited with his twin Don and other family members. The weather was stellar (except for Thursday night's rain), even an autumn-like morning chill...yikes!

As I write this blog post, I'm still on hiatus from book narration (done!) and editing (not done - only beginning!). The long-awaited engagement party for Nate (my nephew and my sister Kimberly's middle son) to his betrothed, Taylor, was lovely. Taylor's mom and dad love to throw a good party, so they had a great excuse to close out the summer celebrating this happy couple. Weeks ago, I had to think deeply about getting them something sweet!

If anyone has heard me or read some of my work, two quotes I like to use are:

#1 - never underestimate the power of a handwritten note, and,

#2 - never underestimate the power of a chocolate chip cookie (CCC).

I went with #2. And...penned a card as in #1.

So, I did what any "cool" aunt would do; I perused the Etsy site for a cool cookie jar and then filled it with homemade CCCs. Before we left Maryland for Ohio, I made 96 cookies (that's 8 dozen). Not all of them fit in the jar, but they got a lot; plus, I spread the CCC love with other visits this trip. Sweet!



PS - Congratulations to Spain Women's National Team in winning the 2023 World Cup 1-0 over England! It was an exciting match and a fitting win from their opening match to today's final! Well done, ladies!


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