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Early Voting

I never voted earlier than the designated voting day in the states I've lived in until yesterday. Instead, I decided to forgo long lines at a local elementary school next week to a much more streamlined format at the local library a week before all the elections commence on Nov. 8th.

The wait was a few minutes longer because I wanted to do the electronic version of the ballot, not the write-in one. It was all easy peasy, and I was out in less than 15 minutes (there was a lot to vote on this time!).

A big round of applause was given to a kid registering for his ballot at the same time I was, along with the announcement that he was a first-time voter. He got the same applause when he left the voting booth and turned in his ballot. I loved seeing young people take their rights seriously. There is no taking for granted that eligible citizens can vote once they reach 18 years old.

Many folks I know have done the mail-in ballots, though I've never tried that either. That seems easy too. The early voting ends tomorrow here in my county, though not sure in other places.

Since I liked the experience, I think I'll be an early voter from now on! Oh, and the guy at the door told me that the first sticker below is the new logo for the State of Maryland sticker, so I took two!


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