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Dog Days of Disco

Puppy Disco has spent almost a week with us as her "parents" took a celebratory trip to the Caribbean following their recent engagement.

Disco is an exuberant puppy through and through while keeping us on our toes every waking minute. Luckily, she likes her crate well enough to hang out for a rest while her caretakers could work on a project or talk on the phone. Long walks and playing fetch are her favorite activities.

Man, she loves to play ball (fetch)! She seems never to tire of the game and has learned to drop the ball right at our feet for us to continue either in the house (down the hallway) or outside in the backyard. She never quits on her own. We have to make that decision and get her in the house to take a nap on the sofas (she jumps from the loveseat to the sofa) before she settles down for at least 10 minutes.

I think our dogsitting days are the best without actually getting another dog for now. We have forgotten how much work a puppy really is, especially a bubbly, super-friendly labrador retriever who loves everybody and every dog she sees and is growing by the minute.

"They" say labs settle down around two years old. Perhaps that will be the case. Until then, we will embrace the zoomies, the branch managing, and endless games of fetch! No need to turn into a couch potato any time soon.




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