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Do You Pack Light or Take Everything?

Summer's eve tonight. Tomorrow starts my favorite season of all, and I don't care how hot it gets (now the humidity is another topic!). The talk of where people are coming and going on vacation is all the rage. Even with gas prices so high, I think some time away from our everyday lives is worth it (providing it's a driving trip or something comparable). Flights are expensive too, but so is just about everything else nowadays. If you gotta go, you gotta go see, do and learn.

If you are doing a staycation, you eliminate packing altogether. Those who plan to tool about the land, it's another story. I'll start with my biggest angst in packing - shoes! Summertime is not so bad unless there is hiking involved, and in this case, hiking boots (at least for me) are critical on my packing list. Then there are sandals (easy to pack) and sneakers (bigger and bulkier).

If the destination you are going has a forecast of warm weather, the suitcase won't get bogged down with heavy jeans or sweaters. There is much more opportunity for fun summer clothes that don't weigh you down. When we were at Kelleys Island at the beginning of June, I wore about 50% of what I packed. Over the last several years I've taken a hard look at what I don't wear upon my return versus what I did wear.

My photo below depicts what I consider a bad packing job. I simply took too much. The clothes in front of the suitcase are the items that never reached my body. Four pairs of socks never saw action as well as six shirts in various sleeve lengths, a dress, two scarves, and a pair of jeans. Since we were driving, I had a bag full of shoes. I wore all of them except one pair of black sandals. Pretty much toiletries are non-negotiable in my mind, I need everything in it (I'm not kidding). My goal is to pack better on the next trip beginning next Monday. I'll need to pack clothes for every season (stay tuned).

I'm always striving to be a light-packer!

Are you a good packer? Is there something you can share that makes packing easier?



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