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Disco Pup - Naughty or Nice?

A Labrador Retriever named Disco (our granddog), about 11 1/2 months old, is a very curious puppy that could be construed as naughty, in Santa's terms. She was recently caught on the dining room table after one of Santa's elves left the room to grab some tape for gift wrapping. I bet she wanted to see all the fuss about ON the table—you know, there may have been some dog treats as part of the presents that needed to be wrapped, and she needed to investigate it further. We never know what is going through a dog's mind, right?

Several days later, Disco was all nice as she sat quietly watching the World Cup games, including the final this past Sunday. We know of a couple of dogs who love to watch TV, and we think Disco falls into this camp for now. We think she was cheering for Messi and Argentina because he is a nice guy!

Disco is trying her darndest to be a good puppy each day. She is always a gem when we watch her; many brisk walks help the cause. We think Santa can overlook one little table mishap.

I'm betting she will get some biscuits from Santa and his elves!




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