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Disco is Ready for Summer Tennis

Puppy Disco is a year and a half old today. She is ready for summer as much as we all are. Of course, her favorite toy is the tennis ball. Throwing and catching and running to catch the ball is her all-time favorite activity. She especially loves when we bring out the tennis racket because she knows that ball will be hit high and bounce to the heavens, where she can snatch it on the fly.

Disco, being a card-carrying extrovert Labrador Retriever, loves everybody, humans and nonhumans too. She never discriminates! She's a loveable pup and certainly manufactures her own sunshine (It's better when there are balls involved). We think she just may be counting the days until the tennis tournaments begin, Wimbledon and the US Open (she's a TV watcher, too!). Disco is ready!





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