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Day 9 of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month with Dr. Aziza Shad!

Today is Day 9 of CCAM. I am/we are on location - Grand Rounds - at Georgetown University Medical Center’s Medical School with Dr. Aziza Shad.

Dr. Shad is amazing! In our video today, she shares a few gold nuggets on what to look for if your child exhibits unusual symptoms with colds, flu, unexplained headaches, etc.

After our video was filmed (by hubby Bill), we entered the large and stately hallways of the medical school to one of the auditoriums on the lower level. There we were met by the coordinating doctor of the Friday Grand Rounds (GR) and several medical students. It wasn’t the crowd we are used to, but today’s event was deemed hybrid, and many students opted to listen to the lecture instead of being in person. Frankly, it was more of an intimate setting, even in a large lecture hall/auditorium with fewer students in attendance.

Dr. Shad gave one of her lectures on childhood cancer stats and sobering information on the late effects of cancer survivors. When the baton was passed my way, I passionately educated the small cohort on how we managed the chaos: one. day. at. a. time and employing a team effort that included Ryan’s older sibling, Olivia. My guys, Bill, and son, Ryan, joined in and did an excellent job explaining some of our journeys while hospitalized at Georgetown for over 10 years - including Ryan’s favorite quote: “Playing video games saved my life.” That statement is always a crowd pleaser. The students get that!

Afterward, almost every student came by the front of the hall to talk to us and compliment Ryan and his bravery through the difficult times we all alluded to in our talk.

My book, The Focused Fight, was mentioned by Dr. Shad. Thankfully, I took a dozen for the event and almost sold out! I was not expecting the outpouring of love from the students, but they wanted more information, and we only had an hour for our segment, which included Dr. Shad's information.

Speaking on this subject of childhood cancer I/we know so well, and this day, to help train the future doctors of our country was a Win-Win for all. The medical students gleaned (I hope) some great pointers to take with them through their schooling, their residences, and when they are practicing physicians, no matter the discipline.

We always leave the building on a high afterward! Thankfully, today was that case (pun intended).



Today's video also has some still photographs at the beginning and end and was put together by Bill using the app In-Shot.

Thank you for watching!

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