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Day 9 - Berthoud, CO to Bozeman, MT

And we are off! Linda and I are making the best of Trip #2, working on it as we drive West and North.

Our long day of driving never seemed like it, as we traveled over 650 miles from 7 am to almost 7 pm! Maybe because the skies had big puffy white clouds saturated in a deep blue sky from Colorado to Wyoming to Montana!

It also helped that we had a tailwind while driving at 80+ mph on big, wide-open spaces, and Linda got her Forever National Park Pass in Cheyenne, WY, within our first two hours of the trek. One tends to get spoiled driving the speed limit at 80 mph out West; just saying.

The plethora of the Rocky Mountain Chains on our left kept our awe all day long. More forest bathing from our car gave us pause from the beauty of other ranges heading into Montana - Beartooth Mountain and the Crazy Woman Peak Mountains while the sun was beginning to descend. The super-bright light and unbelievable clouds kept us entertained all day with the configurations stretching across the sky.

By early evening, meeting up with my college friends Nancy and Scott Creel, who are hosting us tonight in Bozeman, was the day's treat. Dinner at the Shine Brewery in the downtown area was fantastic for hungry travelers.

We are thrilled, blessed, and grateful to be off to a good start on our "Accord Adjustment Adventure."



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