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Day 7 of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month with Just Sew Bee

Friendship is what this post and video are all about (for a minute). I love my quilting bee, sewing buddies, or guild-mates because not only do they make me strive to be a better quilter, sewist, or longarmer, I value the deep friendships I made with them for two decades and counting.

When Ryan was in the throes of sleepless nights while I was at the hospital with him and ready to lose my mind, and once he fell asleep, I was able to call a few of them no matter what time of day or night it was to vent my frustrations, angst and how scared I really was for many days. They all played a role to help me get through - sewing and quilting be the common denominator for all of us.

Every once and awhile, we have a bonus bee, which means we can meet at someone's house for a regular sew date per usual or go to lunch. We decided to go to lunch in Annapolis.

My Just Sew Bee (JSB) is a great group of ladies. While going around the table in the video below, the gals give gold nuggets of their wisdom as they help others in tough situations.

Thank you for tuning in! I sincerely appreciate YOU!



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