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Day 5 of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month with Susan Fritz

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Susan Fritz and I met in the first Writing in Community in mid-2020. We were both working on our first books (memoirs) and went the self-publishing route. The format of WIC encompasses people from all corners of the Earth, and we write together if we want to during several hourly sessions scheduled throughout the week - and across time zones. I met Susan through the Write Nows and Out Louds (where you read your words for five minutes). We made an instant connection. Though we haven't met IRL yet, we do plan to!

Everything Revelant has Been Said Before, a Cancer Love Story is Susan's first book. She did an amazing job sharing her husband's cancer journey with grace, humor, and humility. From her website Susan is and has been a union actress, a singer, yoga instructor, wife/widow, daughter, sister, and nomad.

She is also funny and kind and extremely likable. I won't spoil her gold nugget of wisdom here, so please click on the link below for Give Grace to a Loved One:



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