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Day 4 of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month with Deanna Gage

It's Day 4 of Childhood Cancer Awareness month. Even though it's a holiday weekend, I won't stop posting. Cancer doesn't stop on holidays, so we won't either!

When our good friends, Deanna and Jim Gage, were coming to town for a wedding, I knew we would catch up quickly, like when we met and became fast friends over 20 years ago when they moved to Crofton, Maryland. They weren't here long as Jim's job took them to the Chicago area, but our lasting friendship has gone the distance.

Deanna and Jim were unbelievable in helping us with Olivia and Ryan when the chips were down all those years ago. Deanna rallied the community in only the way she could, using love, her quick wit, and kindness to pave the path to helping the Tomoff family. No ask or task was too big or too small for this gal and her family. We will forever be indebted to them for all they gave of their hearts, love, and various means of support.

They are friends we consider family.

I was lucky today to offer Deanna to share today's video with me. I encouraged her to use the gold nuggets she found to help us, so others can learn and discover the resourcefulness to help others—a win-win for all.

Day 4 link below (a bit over a minute!)



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