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Day 33 - Cleveland, Ohio - Last Hurrah!

If anyone has lived or spent any time in Ohio, summer days are endless and, frankly, the best! Sunny skies and no humidity are the de rigueur - standard issue!

All the fabulous weather helped when I went with my friend Kata to her cardio tennis session this morning at The Country Club in Pepper Pike, OH. Since I hadn’t swung a tennis racket in over two years, I needed all the sunshine on my side to get through the hour-plus session. Luckily, I held my own, though I felt rusty. Sheepishly, I had to borrow a white tank, tennis shoes, a billed hat, and a racket, but I did have a skort and socks! Pro Chirs Kampe and his assistant, Austin, were warm and welcoming to me and, I suppose, to any visitor with a member, trying to improve their non-existent game.

By mid-afternoon, the rest of the gang met up with us at Kata’s home before heading to Chagrin Falls, Ohio, for dinner and our celebration of friendship/birthdays/time together. The perfect pre-dinner activity was taking a dip and floating around in the most lovely and inviting pool ever!

Of course, dinner was great at JoJo’s on the Patio. We had great, delicious meals with a couple of yummy cocktails to go with them.

I've got to say that there is something special about knowing people from the old neighborhood - either from the second grade, seventh grade, or high school. The bonds from yesteryear continue to this day!



Photo 1: Me/Chris/Kata; Photo 2: Debbie Martinko, Kata Pagon, Sarah Marriott & me, Photo 3: All the above with Sue Doerle on the right.


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