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Day 30 of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month with Terri & Bill!

Updated: Oct 1, 2022

Day 30 of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month! We did it!

Find Your Tribe or Team!

Thirty days hath September, and I’m on my LAST day of celebrating Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Autumn has ushered in with cooler temperatures and displays of pumpkins with Halloween decorations out in full force. A far cry from when I started on 9/1!

Later today, we will be headed to the Special Love Gala in Tyson’s Corner, Virginia. The gala is a fund-raiser for Camp Fantastic and BRASS camps that have changed our lives while living through tumultuous times through childhood cancer and beyond. Although childhood cancer is still rare, we found our tribe, which, over the last 26 years, contributed to meeting hundreds of people like us who never gave up the fight.

The Camps and the people associated with them saved our lives. I am not kidding.

The bonus of this wonderful organization is the hundreds of people we’ve met who care about people like us - a kid with cancer - by the kind volunteers, doctors, medical staff, and zany former campers from BRASS and Camp Fantastic to welcome and nurture new kids and families from the Washington DC Metropolitan area each summer (not during pandemic times-events have been held virtually and doing remarkably well).

The gold nugget is to take advantage of the widely available help and resources for childhood cancer and many other programs to help children with medical needs.

For instance, Camp Take Charge - Camp Take Charge (of Diabetes) offers young people with diabetes (ages 9-18) six days and five nights of summer fun, education, and social connections. Camp Take Charge was developed by Brainy Camps in conjunction with the Comprehensive Diabetes Program of Children’s National Health System.

My last video of the CCAM month is below. I do plan to video on location at the gala and post that this weekend as a bonus reel - or that is my plan. The Special Love Gala is the first in-person event in a couple of years because of the pandemic, like everything else in life.

I am looking forward to seeing my tribe and catching up with folks I haven’t seen in a long while. It’s going to be FANTASTIC!


Thanks to those that have followed along with me this month! It’s definitely appreciated!




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