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Day 27 - Wyoming to Berthoud, Colorado

Adjusted Adventure in an Accord

The Misencik household has excellent wifi, but my time here is limited to being on my computer with repacking and organizing my car and washing most of my clothes for the trip home.

With a snap of the fingers, this epic trip through Canada and the USA with my friend, Linda Misencik, is finished and fabulous! Faded memories may not be so faded by accompanying photos and videos taken along the journey (many!). Some images may help me share other stories when the time is right (and the wifi is strong when I’m home).

The last vestige of the trip was through a “whole-lot-of-nothin’ Southern Wyoming,” according to Linda. She was correct; the five hours of travel went through beige and brown half-mountains and lots of sagebrushes dotted with every color cow in these lands. Do they even eat that stuff? It seems all so spiky and hard to digest - even for a cow or bull.

By early afternoon, we easily wheeled into Berthoud, Colorado. Linda’s dogs were very excited to see their “mama” back! Since I didn’t have dogs to welcome me back with open paws, my attention was on the safety of my car. A quick oil check - on the dash - revealed the 2012 Honda Accord we traveled around 6,000 miles in was at 30%.

Hubby Bill thought I could make it back East without an oil change. I disagreed. I want to be safe as possible for the return solo trip to the East Coast with a few stops in between, so a fresh oil change by the Grease Monkeys was the right call for me. Hey, not only did they change my oil, they washed and buffed all my windows and mirrors, vacuumed the front and back of the vehicle, and added the required amount of PSI in all four tires - all with a smile by four car-loving guys! The cost, you wonder? 80 Bucks and well worth it in my travel book!

I will always look fondly back on the summer of 2022 - even if I/we didn’t see one stinkin’ bear- or moose, for that matter.

What I/we did see is enough.

Plus, this entire trip will now be three trips in one! The first with my guys on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail and two MLB games - FANTASTIC; the second with Linda through Canada’s and USA’s National Parks - AMAZING; and the third leg driving solo begins tomorrow morning - EXCITING!

THANKS for reading along! It means more to me than you know.



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