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Day 26 of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month - TFF in Maui

It's been a different month for me to celebrate Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, nothing as I've done the last two years, but it is what it is. I'm not giving up, but with travel and sickness afterward, I am thrilled to post what I have thus far. I know it is not much, but something is better than nothing. I still believe in kids and families in their battles to come out the other side with restored health, with HOPE being the cornerstone of the entire war.

Where there is HOPE, there is LIVING!~


While in Hawaii, I lugged The Focused Fight to both our hostesses: one for Colette on Oahu and one for Betsy B. in Maui. And since my travel mate Jodie was such a good sport and an excellent videographer to film me with both extraordinary ladies in 'paradise,' I bring the last one to you today with Ms. Betsy.

As soon as we unpacked some goodies out of our suitcases on the first day to give to her, she couldn't get her hands on TFF fast enough. Any extra time not talking, going to the beach, or eating, Betsy's nose was in the book for the entire week. I was happy she was reading it and liking it!

Since we were all enjoying our time together from sunup to sundown, we taped this a little over a minute video early in the morning on the day we left (before 6:00 a.m.).

A HUGE shout of THANKS to Betsy and Colette & Co. for enhancing our trip by living with locals for each week on the islands. There is something more profound and powerful to engage with people who know and love the sacred islands while living and sharing their knowledge with those interested (as we were). I am forever grateful for each day exploring - from the jungles to the lo-lands to the top of the volcano and, of course, that big beautiful pool of blue water - the Pacific Ocean.



Photo: me, Bets, and Jodie

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