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Day 20 of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month with Bite Me Cancer Foundation!

BITE ME CANCER! A rallying cry for anyone diagnosed with cancer, but what about a teenager?

Nikki Ferraro was a 17-year-old teenager diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer in 2010, which turned her world upside down.

Not one to sit around a mope, she found a need to help other teenagers fighting cancer by starting the Bite Me Cancer Foundation along with her parents, Sharon and Michael, a few months after her diagnosis.

Bite Me Cancer has (2) main goals; support and inspire teens with all types of cancer, and directly fund thyroid cancer research grants and raise awareness.

Raising a teenager without cancer is challenging, but with a teenage cancer diagnosis, there are more unique challenges than meets the eye.

I love the work Nikki and her foundation does to provide and distribute support bags specially selected to help teenage cancer patients feel supported and inspired. Their bags include a stress ball, journal, baseball cap, earbuds, Amazon gift card, water bottle, game book, playing cards, adult coloring books and pencils, and more! All items are lovingly placed in a smart Bite Me Cancer backpack too.

No teen battling cancer will ever be overlooked again with the BITE ME CANCER foundation and Nikki forging the path ahead - Manufacturing Sunshine to many who may fall “through the cracks” of much-needed support!



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