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Day 16 of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month - On Campus of BGSU!

Short post due to WIFI quirkiness on campus (using my hotspot!)

I am on the campus of the college I attended and graduated from in the early 1980s, Bowling Green State University. My time there was great as I reflect back. This weekend is Homecoming, and I haven't been back in years! Wow, many things have changed, new buildings have sprouted up all over Bowling Green, on and off campus, but the heart of the feel is still here!

Cross-country and Track and Field are what I participated in during my years in BG. Later today, I am meeting up with friends and alumni at the University's Cross-Country meet at the Golf Course.

It will be a blast cheering on the seal brown and orange Falcons!

Go BG!!!! - Be kind to any coed on a college or university campus that may be a cancer survivor and thriver! They are on every college campus across the country and the globe, which is due to diligent research.



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