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Day 15 of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month with Tim Sohn Part 2!

It is Day 15 of CCAM

These one-minute videos come fast and furious during September, celebrating Childhood Cancer Awareness; relentless, no? Just think of all those kids with cancer and parents waking up today to more chemo, maybe a fever, and a need for blood products because cancer ate most of their RBC (red blood cells) overnight.

Joining me today is Tim Sohn of Linkedin fame! He is an award-winning Live feed podcaster and also a cancer (leukemia) survivor. But Tim doesn’t let that stop him. Heck NO! He enables other cancer patients, caregivers, and anyone interested in the ethos of how to endure the madness of it all through his online show: Showing UP; Perspectives on Cancer, each week! (I happened to be on the show this past week!)

Tim throws out the gold in our quick chat.

As always, thank you for tuning in - we are all trying to manufacture some kind of sunshine!



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