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Day 10 of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month with Erica Campbell - a Cancer Survivor

It’s Day 10 of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Back with me for another #gold nugget is Pinky Swear’s https://pinkyswear.orgDirector, Erica Campbell. Today, she shares tips on what helped her through her breast cancer journey: Find your tribe!

It all boils down that most of us need people to help us through challenging times and events in our lives. For Erica, it was no different when she was diagnosed with breast cancer several years after witnessing her mom's struggles with breast cancer (her mom lost her battle).

Valuable nuggets of wisdom rose through Erica's path, which she has documented and has written a book about her entire experience. She hopes to publish it when the time is right.

Thank you for tuning in with my one to two-minute videos! (I/we couldn’t help going over the 1-minute limit!)



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