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Dancing Queen!

A large part of a wedding is celebrating the happy couple by everyone dancing the night away. Oh sure, there is food and drink and lots of toasts, but to energize the crowd, is to dance, dance, dance.

I LOVE to dance!

This past weekend, the wedding of our dear friends, Mary Jean and Bob McCarthy's eldest daughter, Ellen, got married to the love of her life, Christopher. The band was blaring in Amenia, New York, with its horn section going crazy. The four vocalists belted out the songs of our lives one after another with no breaks. The dance floor was thumping. People of all ages - wall to wall - with nary an inch of wooden parquet to see beneath all the feet shuffling were contorting to the smashing hits that played all night long.

One moment, in all the revelry goings-on and getting absorbed in the dancing and music that filled my soul, I looked up and noticed that I was the only “elder” of the bunch. Hubby Bill decided to take a break to get a cup of coffee. Everyone was working up a good sweat (and it was a cold night, so it was a good thing, me thinks!).

For a second, I thought, where did all my aged people go? I must have had a speculative look on my face when handsome Dave, the bride’s brother-in-law, noticed. He tapped me on the shoulder and asked me, “What’s up?” I leaned into his seven o’clock shadow by then and replied in his ear quite loudly, “I think I am double the age of almost everyone out here!” Dave’s reply, “keep dancing!” I did so with glee and a few new moves.

Ha! It’s nothing that this Dancing Queen got her heart rate up to over 120 BPM and left breathless for frequent sips of water. I was exhilarated along with the other eager dancing royalty of the night, no matter the ages.

Cheers and Best Wishes to the Happy Couple - Ellen and Chris!




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