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Daffodils are Coming Up!

Hey, it's still January! I guess we've had a mild month for the daffodils to be spouting through the flower beds. A couple of them are a few inches tall already. It seems too early for blooms, but they could show off their bright yellows and white blooms in early February if our area remains temperate.

I'm unsure whether this is a good thing about the daffys on the rise. But as I glance around the bleak surroundings and check the calendar, yep, it is still winter. Maryland, like many states, has four seasons. These include blizzards or warmer Januarys, plus everything in between in the last 27 (almost) years we've lived in this state. I'm still shaking my head, though.

How are your spring bulbs doing? Thankfully, my beloved rose bushes are lying dormant. Whew!




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