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Closer to the Dream!

Richmond, Virginia

Bill and I are inching closer to the dream! Our only daughter, Olivia, will be celebrating her wedding reception with Bo and the Hudson family with a whirlwind weekend in Richmond, VA. We couldn’t be happier to help in any way we could to make Olivia and Bo’s reception a night to remember. But it all started in the last two days of descending on Richmond; I arrived yesterday, Ryan and Bill arrived today, along with other family members and friends from near and far.

A great thing for my extended family of 12 was renting a large early 20th home with three floors on Arthur Ashe Boulevard, complete with lots of trees, flora, and fauna, and a few steps from the Virginia Museum of Fine Art.

We are so excited!

Despite the bad weather with terrible air quality - coupled with unhealthy alerts all over the East Coast, we are moving forward.

Hey, I’m in the background manufacturing sunshine that this will all go off with a low air quality number so everyone can breathe easily. We’ve got a lot of celebrating to do with a couple that met during Covid…and we all know how that was for an entire world for far too long.

The show must go on! I’ve got my dancing shoes ready to kick it up on the dance floor.





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