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Clean People

This post is not about Clean People or Dirty People, but perhaps a new way to look at laundry. Instead of Tide Pods, about 104 pods cost between $24-30 dollars, let's take a look at what Clean People is all about. Interestingly, in the same week last month, two people I know were extolling the virtues of this "new" way to consider washing a load of laundry.

Please note: I am not being paid in any way to blog about this product. I/we just think it is a new and environmentally favorable way to throw in a load of laundry of any fabric and colors (but always read the labels).

Let me explain. I don't know what brand was given to me and others at a guild meeting in November, but it is the same-looking square thing our friend, Mary Jean McCarthy, shared with us in New York. Come to find out through MJM that the brand she uses and gave us was Clean People. We still have a big bucket - maybe half full of Tide pods to finish up before making big changes - but hubby Bill has been using the Clean People sheets and loves them for the last few weeks (he even bought more this past week).

According to the packaging, the sheets are safe for all washing machines, including septic, and can be used with top loaders, front loaders, and HE (high efficiency). They are also made in the USA and Canada with very little packaging (cardboard box). Each box has a set of sheets with a perforated line down the middle. They are ultra-concentrated sheets that you use like any other laundry detergent. Bill (and the recommended amount for a load) uses one strip, or half a sheet, per medium load of laundry.

If you have been using this method, you can write how you like them or what you think of them in the FB Chat under this post.

BEST THING: A box of 96 sheets purchased, and the company plants another tree (keeping the plastic jugs out of the landfills!).

The poem below is with a little help from ChatGPT!

In a laundry realm where bubbles play,

Tide Pods dance in a foamy ballet.

Ultra-concentrated whispers, a powerful force.

A choreography of cleanliness, taking its course.

Clean People gather, a laundry brigade,

With plastic-free dreams, no harm to trade.

Stain-fighting warriors in the washing war,

Battling spots and marks forevermore.

Laundry sheets pirouette in a scented breeze,

A fresh ballet with a fragrant tease.

Their gentle touch, a fabric's delight,

Softening fibers in laundry's twilight.

Plastic-free pledges, a conscious choice,

The earth applauds with a gentle voice.

In this soapy opera, where cleanliness gleams,

A symphony of freshness in laundry dreams.





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