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Chasing the Horizon - A Canvas of Colors!

Okay, I never expected the very next day, after lamenting about a grey-scale day, that the skies opened up to a spectacular January sunset. Who would have thought that? Certainly not me, with snow in the forecast and a grey day with light but not sunlight.

However - right around 5:00 pm last night, the skies decided to show off what was hiding behind the clouds after all.

When I started my first blog, QuiltsFromTheHeart, in 2012, I frequently commented on January Sunsets. With the sun so far from Earth, the sunsets light up the skies with brilliant streaks and more on many occasions. We just have to look up! Ha! Many days, I would take photos and post them.

When I started my blog here under Manufacturing Sunshine, a really good friend of mine in her 80s commented to me that she always kept her shades closed toward the end of the day. She claimed she rarely experienced the view of a spectacular sunset from her home perch. When she started reading my blog, she caught on to seeking sunsets and never looked back. She thanked me for writing about that simple pleasure that, to this day, seeks more unbelievable sunsets. Her husband recently passed, so she moved into senior living. I sure hope she has access to those sunsets that are too spectacular to pass up! (Thanks, Jean!)

Two days ago, as I was chiding the fact that we are halfway through January with nary a good sunset…yet, I mentioned what a difference a day makes. It truly does, from no snow to snow and then a burst of orange, yellow, pink, and red streaking across a blue sky - quickly fading to dark blue.

While sewing/quilting at my dining room table last evening, my back against the sliding glass doors, I could see in another direction out another door that the sky was pink and shadowing the area with a pink cast. You can bet I instantaneously swung my chair around to look out the glass doors.

I didn’t scream, but I was about to. Instead, I slipped out the door to take these photos (NO FILTERS!):

They were taken at 5:15, 5:23 and 5:25 pm.

Hubby Bill then got in the game, running into the dining room to exit the sliding doors to take a few sunset photos, too. He said he just had to capture this spectacular evening sky. I totally agreed and mentioned that he was almost late to the “party” with the riot of colors screaming across the skies to black ink and bright stars.

It’s the little things…




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