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Chances Still Available for Christmas Charm Quilt!

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

Helping to support families in crisis with a new childhood cancer diagnosis during the holidays is near and dear to my heart. We spent many holidays in the hospital on Ryan's 10-year battle in the fight against his leukemia during his youth. And Ryan's sister, Olivia, a remarkable sibling in the throes of cancer craziness, would worry if Santa could find her and Ryan when we were hospitalized. (Yay, Santa found us!).

Gratefully, we were blessed with an outpouring of love and support throughout those years, but it was still difficult. Hubby Bill and I frequently talk about how we could never repay all that support we received, but we will try our best to help others until our last breath.

Using my skills as a quilter and the notion of raffling off a quilt beginning with the last holiday season, 2022, I thought would be a great way to give back. Bringing family and friends along to buy chances to win a handmade quilt even better, with every single dollar going to the Family Emergency Funds to two charities: Special Love and Just Tryan It. Let's Manufacture Sunshine together in 2023 for a few needy families.

You know, years ago, when I spoke as a parent for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, I often mentioned that giving even $5 to the cause could keep a researcher under the microscope for a little while longer. Those $5 and $10 dollars add up, and breakthroughs occur. I think we can do the same thing for the families - letting them know people care about them.

There is ONE week left in the raffle. Chances for the Christmas Charm Quilt are still available! There is plenty of room on The Wheel of Names!

It's the little things...Thanks for considering.


I will use almost the same format as last year: Venmo me @Terri-Tomoff your desired amount or send me a check (email me for the address). I will put all the chances on the corresponding amount donated to the Wheel of Names, the same as last year.

If someone is interested in matching the total raised by next week, please direct message me (


$5 - 1 chance

$10 - 3 chances

$20 - 7 chances

$40 - 15 chances

$50 - 20 chances

All proceeds will be dedicated to family financial emergency relief through Just Tryan It and




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