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Celebration Week & Olivia's Birthday!

It's a great week for celebrating magical moments such as Olivia & Bo Hudson's wedding this past Saturday; it is Olivia's 31st Birthday! and my book, The Focused Fight, has been out on Amazon for two years today. That's a big week!

So, Happy Happy Birthday to my little girl (she will always be my little girl) - going around the sun with starting her 31st lap (or is it the 32nd lap? I always get confused on that math).

Olivia has grown to be a confident, compassionate, and caring young woman with a heart of gold. I am/we are very proud of her and how she has blossomed personally, professionally, and athletically with all her training for marathons and triathlons over the past few years. We will always be her biggest cheerleaders, along with her younger brother, Ryan.

When I'm out walking/running, either alone or with Hubby Bill, and see a parent with a jogging stroller, more often than not, I'll say, "enjoy this special time with the little one because tomorrow they are all grown up and out of college." That gets a laugh every time. And it's so true.

With a click of your fingers and they go from birth to toddler to teenager to 31!

I love that girl, Olivia, with all my heart! Happy Birthday!





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