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Can You Find the Invisible Cards?

My local post office was chock-full of cards, tape, envelopes, and boxes, more than usual last week. There are typically a few cards, most without envelopes, a smattering of different-sized "priority boxes" for the taking, and some boxes that need to be paid for. I like to look around to pass the time should there be a long line, but I didn't get the chance since I was called up to the window pretty much as soon as I got into the queue.

While I did have a minute or two to look around the place, I glanced back at the huge display of cards. I then noticed a slot for the invisible cards and wondered how much they charged for one! Ha!

Can you find the invisible cards? Have you ever sent one? I guess I can also say, "You can never underestimate the power of an invisible hand-written card."




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